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Zebra Science offers services to academia and companies within the framework of your research and innovation projects. We develop a broad range of activities to reply to project needs during the project lifetime, from identifying the best grant opportunities to the management of your awarded projects.

Zebra Science was created in order to provide high-quality services in the management of all non-scientific issues of projects, in order to enable researchers and entrepreneurs to focus on their core business: research and innovation.

The Zebra Science team and its partners attach high importance to competence, flexibility in replying to your needs, quality and integrity. We will always do our best to support you in an efficient manner, even if it means advising you not to reply to a call for proposals from a funding agency - if chances of success are too low.



They have relied on us:

Project-based Research

Since the beginning of the 2000s, research and innovation have progressively moved from funding coming in every year from ministries or other state institutions to funding from different grant-giving bodies..


In this context, new funding agencies have been set-up or have increased their activities, such as the European Commission at the European level (for example, with H2020 or more recently Horizon Europe), or the French National Research Agency, at a national level.


In order to perform their research or innovation activities, researchers today have to work in a project-based framework, and apply for specific grants to get the necessary funds.

In such a complex and competitive environment, it is crucial for academia, SMEs and industry to be able to:

  • Identify the relevant funding opportunities amongst the existing ones numbering in the thousands.
  • Set-up excellent proposals, to effectively manage high competition and low success rates
  • Manage their projects carefully to fulfil their objectives and deliverables, in the strict respect of funding agency rules, to avoid any undesirable financial consequencess

To do so, it is imperative that you are surrounded with project-based research experts, either to set-up your proposal, to manage your project or to improve your skills through training. Zebra Science offers you dedicated support to target these needs. These support mechanisms are based on a set of key skills, as listed below.


“ The interaction with Zebra Science in the context of a resubmission of a European project was a pleasant and extremely useful experience. Its contribution was crucial for the success of the proposal. I strongly recommend these guys. ”

Prof. Luís CARLOS, Full Professor, Vice-Director of CICECO – Aveiro Institute of Materials, Physics Department, University of Aveiro, Coordinator of the FET-OPEN  project NanoTBTech, funded in 2018

Our skills

Our skills

Zebra Science offers a wide range of flexible competencies to answer your particular needs.


Our core expertise:
Project Engineering

Zebra Science offers to put in place actions dedicated to:

  • Look-out on the different national and European call for proposals: from the French National Research Agency, the French National Cancer Institute, the European Commission (in particular Horizon Europe), etc.
  • Identification of grants that are relevant to your needs : after a presentation of your project, we will find suitable calls from existing funding agencies
  • Proposal Set-up : we will deal with all non-scientific sections of the application (impact, implementation, budgets, administrative forms, etc.), and provide recommendations as well as critical reading of the scientific sections
  • Project Management: coordination of data management plan writting, dissemination and exploitation plan setting-up, and scientific and financial reporting, support during audits from funding agencies, meetings and summer-school organisation, etc.
  • Training on general topics (ex: the Horizon Europe Programme) and specific aspects (ex: how to write the « Impact » section of your project in a EIC Pathfinder proposal?)
Supplementary skills
in project-related fields

According to your needs, Zebra Science will involve experts in:

  • Legal matters : material Transfer Agreements (MTA), R&D collaboration contracts, service provider contracts, biomedical research contracts, confidentiality agreements, consortium agreements
  • Intellectual Property : patentability surveys, patent applications, follow-up of patent procedures (extensions, national phases, official letter replies, etc.), freedom to operate studies
  • Technology Transfer : consulting and training, co-ownership, licensing
  • Communication and Dissemination : websites, logos, leaflets
  • Change Management : coaching, team or unit mergers, conflict resolution
  • English proof-reading of proposals and scientific documents



Thus, whatever you may need in the framework of your projects, Zebra Science will be able to provide you with the relevant competencies.

Current Calls for Proposals

Current Calls for Proposals

Here are some examples of calls with approaching deadlines for which you can contact us
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  • lienbulb ERC Advanced Grant - May 2023
  • lienbulbEIC Pathfinder- May 2023
  • lienbulb ERC Proof of Concept - Sept 2023
  • lienbulb ERC Synergy Grant - Nov 2023
  • lienbulbMSCA Doctoral Networks - Nov 2023


“ Zebra Science was an essential partner for the preparation of my ERC consolidator grant. Given the competitive nature of these grants, expert advice from a company like Zebra Science is very important in maturing ideas and making sure that the ambition and innovation of the project shines through. Zebra Science provided input not just in the writing of the grant, but also for the preparation of the interview in Brussels. Their years of experience in handling EU grants was amazingly helpful to submit this grant, and I am certain that they were key to its success. ”

Dr. Róisín M. OWENS, Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, University of Cambridge, Coordinator of the ERC project IMBIBE, funded in 2016.


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